Group classes are a great way to enjoy a workout in a social environment and supplement your private Pilates practice.The studio is very welcoming and you will leave feeling accomplished. The classes are non-repetitive and there is always a new experience in each and every class.

Class size is limited and fill up quickly. Regular attendance is strongly encouraged to enjoy maximum results. PLEASE REFER TO THE STUDIO CALENDAR FOR THE LATEST SCHEDULE AND ALSO TO THE MADE TO MOVE PILATES FACEBOOK PAGE

Pilates Mat – Basics (Beginner-Intermediate)

The perfect introduction to Pilates. The focus is on the principles of Pilates and the classic mat sequence.

You will learn the benefits of breathing in Pilates movement. This class will help develop a strong inner core while creating long and lean muscles. An ideal class to help bring Pilates into your daily life. Consistent practice is encouraged.

Pilates Mat – Intermediate/Advanced

This class is recommended for the intermediate to advanced students who have a strong understanding of Pilates and the exercises.

The class flows at an accelerated pace and will incorporate Pilates transitions between exercises which make for a vigorous class. You will sweat!!

Pilates Mat with Props – Open Level

This mat class is a wonderful workout to improve posture and relieve tight necks, shoulders, and hips utilizing the popular prop called the baby arc (small half barrel), light hand weights, the pilates magic circle, and often the springboards.

The arc supports and assists your body as well as opens and stretches your spine. Breath and relaxation are a big focus of the class. A great class to recharge your mind, body, and soul.

Restorative Pilates with the Baby Arc Barrel – open level

This rejuvenating class is your opportunity to reboot midweek from day to day chaos.

With a soft atmosphere, we will work with the Pilates fundamentals at a slower pace to allow focus on awareness, mindfulness, form and breath, blending Pilates, stretching, and meditation. The use of props such as the small arc barrel, balls, magic circle, weights, and straps will help encourage mind/body healing and release tension out of your neck and shoulders. Creating awareness of the body and mind through movement and breath, will be a lasting experience for all your senses. Leave your day at the door and allow yourself some quality time.

Springboard classes (SPRINGS level 1 and level 2)

What is a Springboard? A springboard is a 20-inch wide wooden board mounted to the wall with eyebolts attached for you to fasten springs to.

We have springs of several lengths and resistances. A great option of the springboard is the ability to change the spring tension to suit each client and each exercise. The springboard class is a functional workout and works the entire body. Each limb works independently, carrying its own weight. You will feel the difference in each side of your body immediately and you will learn how to coordinate the differences to create whole body movement. The springs are challenging; you will gain strength, balance, and coordination, while increasing flexibility. A typical springboard class will incorporate some Pilates mat work and fundamentals with the springboard exercises.
There is a LIMIT OF 8 PARTICIPANTS, reservations are suggested.


Gain an in-depth understanding of how your body moves and how Pilates facilitates health mobility. A combination of spring resistance focusing on details and fundamental themes so you gain more out of the Pilates practice.


Now that you are familiar with the exercises, the class will move at an accelerated pace with more standing exercises and repetitions. The resistance will be heavier and we will incorporate some cardio. You will definitely sweat and create shaking muscles!

SPRINGS LEVEL 2 – plus cardio

Bursts of Cardio incorporated into the workout along with more repetitions and standing exercises.


An excellent class to revitalize, burn fat, and strengthen your body.

Join Mary in this workout and leave feeling energized and accomplished. Heavy and light weights are utilized in this strength building class.

All levels of fitness are welcomed to this class.  With Mary’s experience, your workout will be adjusted to your level of fitness.  *please bring athletic shoes for indoors*

OOV (Out Of Vocabulary)

The OOV is a rain drop shaped apparatus. It cradles the natural curves of the spine.

Through slow motion lengthening, the OOV refines balance, releases tension around the joints, and opens up the hips, shoulders, and face. The unbalanced nature of the OOV engages the brain, supports you yet will only allow correct movement. After an OOV class you will function better and move more confidently. This is an excellent program for dressage and leisure horseback riding.

Patty is trained to use the OOV in Pilates and Fitness.


Join our certified BOOTYBARRE teacher Shannon for an invigorating workout.

Bootybarre is a fun workout that fuses techniques from dance, pilates, and yoga.  Your body will become chiseled.  The class format is a short warmup, 10 minutes of light weights, and lower body focused exercises at the barre, all followed by core and flexibility work.  Time flies in this class.  Bring water, you will sweat..

*For all classes, please wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Shoes are not necessary, except for the Cardio & Strength class, however socks with grippers are welcomed*

*All Pilates style mats, towels, and props are provided, please bring your own water to stay hydrated*