Pilates for riders

January 28, 2019

Improve your body awareness and balanced movement for effective riding skills. Learn Pilates based exercises to find your center and gain focus, strength, and control. Create stability not rigidity.

February 23, 2019




$20.00 per person

Moving Special

December 24, 2018

We have moved to a new location:
288 Depot St, Chester VT

Grand opening Special Good till December 31st

Purchase a 3-month UNLIMITED class package for the months of
Jan-Feb-March by December 31st of 2018 for $235.00.
Regular price is $105.00 a month. A great deal!!

Contact Patty at 802-289-2736 or email 2468pilates@gmail.com
or stop in the studio to purchase your package.


Please join Mary Richardson as she leads you in a Cardio/Core class!  What a great way to break up the mid-day routine.  We need to move as much as possible, why not at noon?  No early wake-up and no late to bed.  Get it done.,….

Introductory Private Lesson Special (NEW CLIENTS ONLY)

Fiona Morton (Fi) and Nicole Brooks will be offering a private lesson special:

THREE 50-minute private lessons for $75.00. 
Use coupon code 50OFFINTROPACKAGE

This offer is good until January 31st, and then the price returns to the $150.00 Introductory Special package price.

With a larger fully equipped studio space, we are able to offer more private sessions, which have been in high demand in the past.

**Private sessions are the best way to gain the most Pilates has to offer.

Why is the word spring at the heading of this blog?

Made to Move Pilates - Spring Bud

Is it because it is March and the month spring begins? NO

Made to Move Pilates - Pilates Spring

Is it because I use springs as a tool in my resistance training? NO

Made to Move Pilates - Spring Walking

It is because I am realizing how slowly I have been moving these days and decided to put some spring into my daily movement? YES, YES YES!!!

If I begin to put thought into how quickly I move, I find more gets done and I burn more calories. Actually 100+ calories more per day is burned up.

On the surface that doesn’t seem like a lot however, what if you burn 100 calories a day for 35 days? That is losing one pound of body weight without altering diet or visiting the studio.

Now, if you are still thinking whoop-tie doo, that’s only a pound, think of after a year of springing around. Hmmmm, maybe there will be a 10-pound annual loss? How much weight loss after 5 years; 50 pounds. WOW!! BIG WHOOP-TIE DOO

Made to Move Pilates - Movement make Weight Loss

Now, imagine springing around AND cutting out about 100 calories a day in food …..For me I could switch out my banana every morning in my shake and maybe substitute strawberries, or at dinner use less butter on my sweet potato? There are many simple solutions to cutting calories per day and it doesn’t require starvation.

So if you stay consistent with springing around and reduce your caloric intake a day just a tiny bit, maybe you could lose 20lbs after 1 year?

Consistency is key in longevity. The quick fix is just that, a quick fix that gets broken again. Constant maintenance is key to lasting results.

by: Patty Nader

As Joseph Pilates says, “All movement is life”


Spring 2015

April 26, 2015

Happy Spring!!!


MONDAY: 8:30AM – PILATES MAT open level




FRIDAY: 8:00AM – PILATES MAT WITH THE BABY ARC and at 9:00AM – PILATES MAT with the BABY ARC (yes there are 2 of the same classes)

SATURDAY: 9:00AM – PILATES MAT open level

*Reservations are recommended due to limited space in the studio*

If you do not see a class that fits your schedule, gather 3 more friends and create a class to suit your time. Classes are created as an individual class or as a 4 or 6 week session. Contact me for details.


If you are interested in studying the entire form of the Pilates practice, private sessions are the best way to learn Pilates. Each session is created to suit your body and your goals. The sessions utilize the equipment such as the universal reformer, wunda chair, trapeze table, and barrels. It is an excellent practice to create body awareness and mindfulness. Pilates is the best complement to ANY sport or recreational activity you may enjoy.

Private sessions are scheduled by appointment only. I offer flexible times; mornings, afternoons, and evenings during the week and some Saturday mornings. Contact me for details.

New Class Schedule for 2015

February 1, 2015

The new class schedule for winter is up.  Please check the calendar for upcoming classes.

The studio will be closed beginning at 11am on 2-13 and will reopen on 2-18.

I am now offering Mixed Equipment Circuit classes.  They run in 6 week sessions.  If you are interested in gathering a group of 4-6 participants to commit to a 6 week session, we can create a class anytime.  The cost for the entire 6 weeks is $85.00.

Its so exciting to watch the studio grow.  About 1 year ago, the studio opened and has been growing ever since.  Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm.

I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful fall weather.  As the weather changes, it is the time to start planning the indoor activities.  Time at the studio is well spent because as you well know, the time is used to stretch and strengthen your body so you will move efficiently and reduce injury in all of your outdoor activities.  I know what is like to suddenly become injured and  immobile for many weeks.  It is no fun. It is very important to exercise sustainably to prevent injuries.  If you want to beat on your body  biking, running, bootcamps, etc.  remember to stretch and move with control and balance.  Use your mind!!

My morning private session availability is quickly filling up.  If you have any interest in private lessons, now is the time to schedule.  As Joseph Pilates said, One session on the apparatus is worth a week of mat classes.

The apparatus is the best way to feel the Pilates work in your body which you take home with you and use always!  I hope to see you in the studio.

BARRE CLASS IS ON THE SCHEDULE:                                                                I will now be offering Barre classes on Thursday and Saturday mornings at 8:30am. Barre is the perfect marriage of my 3 favorite things; Pilates, good music, and dance all done at a ballet barre.  Don’t worry, you do not need to be a dancer to enjoy this workout, and it IS a workout (low impact and sustainable).  I am very excited to offer this class so you can have a fun way to start out your day.

Other new classes are the Pilates Baby Arc class.  Many of you love the work on the baby arc, so I have decided to form an entire class with it.  The Pilates Baby Arc is a small half sphere form that sits on the floor and fits to your body.  Many exercises are done while lying down.  It protects your lower back while offering challenge to your core and opens up tight shoulders and hips. Please come and enjoy!

I have moved the lunch time class from Thursdays at noon to Wednesdays at 12:30.  It is a 30 minute class that gives you a challenging workout even if you are unable to spend a full hour at the studio.

I must stress, reservations are suggested, since the maximum to a class is 5 participants.


All classes are now pay as you attend.  Space is very limited, please contact the studio via phone, email, or Facebook to reserve your space in class.

Price per class is $12.00 or you may purchase a 10 class package for $100.00.

It is time to transform yourself.  See you in class!!

Summer Group Classes begin the week of June 16th and end the week of July 28th.  The studio will not be holding classes from 6-30 to 7-5.

If you are taking a vacation, you have the option of signing up for the classes you will be attending or making them up on another day.

Check the studio calendar for the class schedule.

Check the Studio Calendar for the new Spring Class Session starting the week of April 21.

New classes offered:  Total Body Conditioning and Neck and Shoulders Tension Release.

If you are an early morning exerciser, a Total Body Conditioning class will be offered at 6:00am on Thursdays.

**If you have a group of 3 or more, you can ALWAYS create your own class or class session.**

Spring 2014 Classes