Why is the word spring at the heading of this blog?

Made to Move Pilates - Spring Bud

Is it because it is March and the month spring begins? NO

Made to Move Pilates - Pilates Spring

Is it because I use springs as a tool in my resistance training? NO

Made to Move Pilates - Spring Walking

It is because I am realizing how slowly I have been moving these days and decided to put some spring into my daily movement? YES, YES YES!!!

If I begin to put thought into how quickly I move, I find more gets done and I burn more calories. Actually 100+ calories more per day is burned up.

On the surface that doesn’t seem like a lot however, what if you burn 100 calories a day for 35 days? That is losing one pound of body weight without altering diet or visiting the studio.

Now, if you are still thinking whoop-tie doo, that’s only a pound, think of after a year of springing around. Hmmmm, maybe there will be a 10-pound annual loss? How much weight loss after 5 years; 50 pounds. WOW!! BIG WHOOP-TIE DOO

Made to Move Pilates - Movement make Weight Loss

Now, imagine springing around AND cutting out about 100 calories a day in food …..For me I could switch out my banana every morning in my shake and maybe substitute strawberries, or at dinner use less butter on my sweet potato? There are many simple solutions to cutting calories per day and it doesn’t require starvation.

So if you stay consistent with springing around and reduce your caloric intake a day just a tiny bit, maybe you could lose 20lbs after 1 year?

Consistency is key in longevity. The quick fix is just that, a quick fix that gets broken again. Constant maintenance is key to lasting results.

by: Patty Nader

As Joseph Pilates says, “All movement is life”